... the leader of the cabinet and the executive of the branch. 


Sydney Zgutowicz

Come to Canada and visit all the site seeing that there is . There are many places to see and tour.

St. Lawrence Seaway

The St. Lawrence Seaway is an example of a Transportation Corridor. It allows ships to travel between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes. Transportation Barriers are geographic features that makes movement easier.  This road blockage from snow and ice is an example of a Transportation Barrier. This barrier slows down and blocks the movement.

Transportation berriers

Exports & Imports

This is an example of a ship exporting. Exporting is goods being traded to another country. Importing is kind of like exporting but the only difference is that importing means to bring goods into the country. Fishing is a popular thing in Canada. Fish is an example of something they export to different countries.


This building is an industry. An industry is the process of manufacturing goods and raw materials in factories. Based on natural resources, the free market economy helps government pay limited rolls. And also helps consumers control prices.

Pierre Trudeau

Pierre Trudeau was a lawyer in Quebec up until 1984. He then became the prime minister. A prime minister is the leader of a cabinet and an executive branch.

Multicultural Society

Francophones are french-speaking people. The French they speak in Canada is different from the french spoken in actual France. Many Canadians are bilingual, which means they speak in two different languages. Business signs on a street in Quebec city influence the french language.

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