Pollock  Twins

By:  Samantha and D'asia


Jennifer and Gillian pollock


Jennifer and Gillian pollock were believed to be the reincarnation of their former twin sisters who were killed in an car accident.


Northumberland, England




The twins knew the name of there sister's toys that they had put up and the girls favorite parks to go to which they have never been to but been ask to go there and play with there toys. They also had the same birthmarks from the other girls.

Fun  Fact

1. They started having the same behavior of the twins jennifer act more like Jacqueline and Gillian act like Joanna.

2. The two girls were walking to church when they were hit by a drunk driver

3. Jennifer had birthmarks on her in the same place that Jacqueline did.

4. They wanted to visit a park that they’d never been to, but their deceased sisters have.

5. They had a desire to play with their deceased sisters toys that they had no prior knowledge of knowing about.

6. As soon as being able to talk they’d begin to recount aspects of their sisters lives that they couldn’t have known about.

7. Gillian had a birthmark in the same place as Joanna .


11 year-old Joanna and 6 year-old Jacqueline Pollock were killed in a car accident and years later there parents gave birth to twins name Jennifer and Gillian pollock in England in 1957. The weird part about these twins where they knew the name of the toys that Joanna pollock who died used to play with and there favorite parks where the other girls used to play. They believed that the twins where the reincarnated of Joanna and Jacqueline pollock.


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