Bullets and Ballots

by Michael Dalton

The Groups

The groups were the Government of Guatemala, the Army and Wealthy, the Peasants, Guerrillas, and the US.  Originally, the Army and Wealthy had the most MSUs, the most power.

Shifting of the Power

Month 1: The army and wealthy started off with the most MSUs (200). Then, in order to oust Brandon, we gave our power to the US. After that happened, the US, peasants, and army and wealthy joined together to have a combined 240 MSUs. This is sort of like the UN where all the groups got together and tried to operate as one (keyword: tried). After a disagreement in the US, Travis was also ousted, and Hayden took over general control.

Month 2: The alliance got into a few disagreements over MSUs since it was written on the board that the peasants had all the MSUs. This resulted in some discomfort and other alliances being formed. Throughout all of this, Hayden seemed to be forming different treaties left and right. These treaties upset some people around the room while helping others, the way most treaties do.

Month 3: I'm not entirely sure what happened, seeing as I wasn't in school. To my understanding, the leaders of the different groups were executed by the US once they played their military card. This resulted in the US winning the game.

The US

Throughout the game, the US had an invasion card which just about guaranteed them the winning of the game. The rest of us just had to team up with them and hope they would show mercy when the used the card. Up until the last day, it seemed that the US was just there to ally yourself with and try to gain a better standing.

Within My Life

Cooperation- In my life I try to cooperate with my friends as often as I can. This cooperation helps in school and sometimes out of school. I also try to cooperate with my family seeing as they are the ones who feed and house me.

Conflict- The person I conflict with the most is probably my brother, and that's pretty natural at this point. I also conflict with friends at times usually over a simple difference in ideas that ends up escalating.

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