Tufted Puffins

By: Morgan Slugantz & Erica Conley

       Tufted Puffins are a very interesting animal. Tufted Puffins are a sea bird that live near cold places.  Tufted Puffins are now endangered.

Why are Tufted Puffins Endangered?

      Tufted Puffins are endangered because of Climate Change. Climate Change is affecting Tufted Puffins because of the temperatures rising, which is giving the Puffins no place to breed.

       This chart shows you how the number of Tufted Puffins has decreased since climate change has become a big problem.

    This picture shows where Clime Change is affecting Tufted Puffins the most.

     The number of Tufted Puffins is slowly decreasing. Why? Because of climate change.   What can we do to help? To help the Puffins we can try to help save our ocean for Puffins and other animals.



All photos were from  Google Chrome and Safari.





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