Spotted Cow Photography

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I'm the creation behind Spotted Cow Photo :: Born on the island of Sao Miguel, Azores - Portugal, I was fortunate to be raised by loving parents that struggled to make ends meet. Have so many fond memories of spending days with my father where he owned a little piece of land raising cattle. Life was simple, we enjoyed the natural beauty & traditions the island had to offer; I'm blessed to have been raised in such a simple time where creativity & imagination were the best tools at play. Immigrated to Canada at age 11, I witnessed my father give up the lifestyle he loved to give our family the opportunities we couldn't have. He traded the fresh air & passion for hard manual labor, where every day he endured unbelievable heat from shovelling coal at a roofing factory, that inadivably lead to his Parkinson's disease. My mom, my older sister and I felt his suffering in all aspects. He missed the outdoor life, the freedom & his beloved cows, and we never made him forget how much we appreciated his sacrifice. So, 8 years after my dad's passing, I had to honor his sacrifices by following my passion. Hence, Spotted Cow Photography was born. My father would have wanted me to be a chef, but I think he would be proud of me of taking a risk in following my passion of capturing life through a camera lens! Thank you to my friends for inspiring me; my encouraging husband & candid photography sidekick for supporting our family & the many equipment purchases needed to kick-start this business (and without his brainiac self I would be lost); and lastly my mentor Dan Boskovic for giving me all the knowledge, guidance & friendship in this journey. Hope you enjoy the portfolio & gallery samples at

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