"Remixed Times


The rain forest is where our remixed organism lives. The organisms we got our name from  is the flu, mushrooms, lotus, and dog. We mixed it with those organisms because each one has a part to help it survive. The flu can make it immune to a sickness, the mushrooms can make it blend in with the environment, it can eat lotus, and we chose the dog because it can survive the best out of all animals.  We just shortened the names to get our organism name. Our organism is called the "Fludomulo".

                                                               What is a Fludomulo?

   The Fludomulo is a dog that is mixed with four organisms. The Fludomulo has blue skin. Its skin is very scaly. It has very sharp teeth.   The Fludomulo eats fruit and plants around the rain forest. It survives off the organisms in it and things around the rain forest. To protect itself it makes aloud noise and scares the attacker away.

                                                                     Dogs Adapting

   Do dogs adapt easy? Well the answer is some dogs do and some dogs don't. Older dogs don't adapt easy to a new home because they are so old that they have had time to get use to one home. Younger dogs adapt easy. They adapt easy because they are young and hadn't been alive long enough to adapt to one home.



   There is many reasons why the Fludomulo will survive. The Fludomulo can survive off all the organisms in it. It can survive from the lotus because if it cant find any food it can eat the lotus. The flu will help it survive because if other animals in the rain forest has the flu it will be immune to it already. The mushrooms helps it blend in with the environment around it. It needs to blend in because if there is any hunters it can hide easy from them. We chose the dog as the main animal because a dog is the perfect animal it can protect itself easy and survive easy off the rain forest. If there is another animal trying to attack the Fludomulo it can make a loud noise and show its sharp teeth.  






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