The Mongols

The Mongols came from the dry steppes, and were a fierce and powerful nomadic people. They were divided into clans that were ruled by khans, or chiefs. One khan conquered his fellow clans and rose above them all to create a massive empire. He was known by the title Genghis Khan or "Universal Leader". He made the Mongols a strong fighting force, and then set out as a smart military leader to conquer much of Asia. Soon, Genghis Khan had an empire, built brutally, but it made peace throughout Asia. After Genghis died, the empire was split into 4 sections ruled by his heirs. This time became known as Pax Maongolia. Some of Khan's heirs included Kublai Khan, Batu Khan and Hulegu Khan. Click below for more information on Genghis Khan.

Kublai Khan was a ruler of the Mongol empire, but he also conquered China. Kublai Khan moved his capital from Mongolia to a new city in China. The new capital was located near what is now the city of Beijing, which is the modern capital of China. The Chinese disliked the Mongol rule because they saw them as uncivilized, however Kublai tried to make the adjustment as seamless as possible, by allowing them to keep their own traditions and even adopting some of them as his own. He also gave his rule over a China a dynasty name: The Yuan dynasty. During this Dynasty trade increased, as did the spread of inventions, knowledge, new materials, religions, etc. Click these two buttons for some more information about the Yuan Dynasty.