My 2014 Christmas Card

Twenty forteen in Review

Picture of me in my new home!

I have a lot to be thankful for This year!

  • As always I have my wonderful & supportive family.
  • I still have fantastic friends which I hope to see more often in 2015
  • I accepted my first teaching job back at my alma mater DBHS.
  • Reaffirmed that I choose the right career. Although this first year has been difficult at times, there hasn't been a day yet where I didn't look forward going to school and seeing my students. Most days I can hardly believe this is my (almost) full-time job that I am getting paid to do which is my definition of pure earthly bliss. I feel blessed to have found my passion & calling in life.
  • I became a student again at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus to add a license in Computer, Keyboarding, and Related Technology Applications and a certificate in K-12 Technology Integration.
  • Bought my first home & officially became a homeowner
  • Moved closer to my parents. I have not only enjoyed getting to spend more time with them but it has also been nice having them close to me to help me out with school & my house when I need it.
  • I learned a new hobby, knitting, courtesy of my 12 graders in my study hall!

In 2015

I am looking forward to the finishing my first year as a teacher, completing my program at UMNTC, adding another Minnesota teaching license and certificate to my repertoire, maybe doing some renovations on my new home, and continuing to knit.

I hope...

that you've had a great 2014 & that this new year will bring you many new blessings.

Love, Ashley