Wonder Project by AJ

Charater's Tie to the Theme

My charater's tie to the theme is friendship. The charater I choosed is Jack ,and in the story ,when Jack showed friendship it was when he wanted to be friends with  August. Jack wanted to be friends because August was funny , nice , chairing , and is very brave and Jack is brave, nice ,chairing, and helps people who needes help. Ihthey show friendship to each other when it comes to Julion and his gang who  : )

Charater Influences

The other charater that inpacted on Jack was August because August is very nice to Jack and when Jack needed help August helped him. In the story, Jack inpacked August because Jack notesed that August needed help defending him self because his face is deformed from when he was born and people are messing with him and avoiding him because of his face. Thair relashionship is that thay get tessed every day at school and they also be their for each other.

Art Representation

This is the Night Watch made by Rembrandt Van Rijn. I chose this panting because it reminded me of when August needed help defending him self from Julian and his gang who teased him, so Jack came and wanted to be friends with him because in the story Jack realized that people were being mean to him so he stood up for him.

Character Analysis Video

I chose this charater because Jack had a lot of ups and downs. The tone my charater brot to the story is when he tolled Julion that he was coming to the school to see August for the first time. The purpose that the author had for this character is to be friends with August. The impact that Jack had on me was when he said bad things in frount of August.