February Conference

By Cavin


On SRI I got 685 and I needed to get a 600 to be proficient I got 4 out of 11 on let it snow. I got 6 out of ten on dust of snow.And on vocab review I got 9 out of 12. And also on MLK JR. I got 4 out of 6.

I am good at pronouncing the words but I need to work on understanding the book more.


on the colorado essay I got a 2 but on settlers and indians I got a 3 which is proficient and on news ELA I got a 3 also. Im good at spelling and I need to work on punctuation.


on my long division I got 19/28.and on my multiply and division I got 5/5.And on unknown numbers  in an equation I got 5/5 and on times test I am on my 13eens.

I need to work on long division but i am good at 1 minute time test.


Social studies and Science

on unit 4 test I got 12/18and on chapter 8 I got 18/30.

I need to work on test but i an good at Economics.,  


Im nice to my friends.

I need to work on not talking to my friends as much.

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