John H. Glenn Jr.

John Glenn was born in Cambridge Ohio on July 18th 1921. When he was two he moved to New Concord where his father opened a plumbing business. As a child he was surrounded by college students that is when he started an interest in flying. He graduated from New Concord High school and later attended Muskingham Collage. Shortly after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor John enlisted in the military and he joined the Air Force. He flew in WWII and the Korean War. In 1957 John set a record for flying to New Angles to New York in 23 minutes. That experience he got made him a good choice for the space program, and later he orbited the earth three times.

Awhile later John decides to run for U.S. senate and he retired from the military. In 1970 Glenn lost to Howard Metzenbaum. Four years later Glenn ran for senate again and finally won. He is then known as senator Glenn instead of astronaut Glenn. In 1997 Glenn announced that he would retire from senate. A year later NASA asked John Glenn to join the space program that he helped create, and he accepted the offer and a year he became the oldest man in space.