Health Tackk

By: Husayn S. Imrani and Christoph H. Monroe

Endocrine System

1. Endocrine System is a collection of glands.

2. The word endocrine derives from the Greek word "endo".

3. There are nearly thirty different hormones made in your body.

Male Reproductive System

-Male Roles

1.produce sperm

2. discharge sperm in a woman's vagina during sex.

3. to produce sex hormones which maintain the male organs.

Female Reproductive System

1. (FRS) is designs to carry out several functions.

2. One function is to produce female egg cells.

3. It is also in charge of making life.


1. Having a period

2. It is part of the female reproductive system.

3. Ovalation normally takes 14 days

Pregnancy and Labor

1. You know when you have started labor when your water breaks and you start you contractions.

2. When pregnant avoid drugs, and alcohol this will lower the chance of your baby having a birth defect.

3. When pregnant avoid eating unhealthy foods.


1. Can be spread through sexual activity.

2. One way to help prevent is to use condoms.

3. STD's can also have negative affects for the reproductive system.


1. Having Aid's will start to damage the immune system.

2. Practicing Abstinence will prevent you from having aid's.

3. It can be spread through unprotected sex.


1. Practicing abstinence will prevent you from getting Std's and Aids.

2. Teen man are less and less accepting casual sex.

3. More people now would rather have a steady Relationship than sex.

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