Stand Up

Laughter spread across the room like an airborne disease, Disease. I shivered, that was an intriguing thought; I could almost hear the sound their bodies would make against the floor when they hit.

      That laughter that she is talking about is directed towards her, she is being laughed at. She describes it as a disease because the more people that laugh at it the more it spreads. I found this paragraph in a book about a girl that is being bullied until the point where she killed herself. This actual story may not be true but there are other stories out there that are completely like this one and they are true. Cyber bullying is a big reason a bunch of teens commit suicide today. After being teased for so long they start to believe in what they are hearing, They start to see that they have no reason to live. They cant see the great things that they have going for them even if those things are right in front of their face. They start to have negative thoughts and feelings that are directed towards themselves and those around them. This can lead to fights, Killing, Drugs, Suicide, Gossip, Hate pages, etc. But it can also lead to nothing. I know that you might be thinking what does she know about bullying, but while I have never experienced bullying for myself I know people who have. I had a friend who committed suicide because of bullying. I have friends who cry everyday because people say that they are fat, ugly, hopeless. I do not believe that those things are true. Everyone is special no one is the same. My friend who killed herself she was a beautiful sweet person who would never hurt someone else. But for some reason she was a target for bullying and cyber bullying. Why? That is beyond me. Though you may not bully others yourself, It is the same if you thing if you sit there and do nothing when someone else is being bullied. So stand up do something about these innocent people who are killing themselves because they do not think that they are enough.