How much has Under Armour made in since 1999?

Under Armuor has had a lot of success in the past and as of right now it is just getting better and better.So for my project I have done my project on Under Armour from the year 1999 compared to 2014.

Under Armour’s income in 1999=750,000 dollars

Under Armour’s income in 2014=1.84 billion dollars

In the year 1999, Under Armor made 750,000 dollars that year off their clothing and sports gear.Then in the year 2014 they have made 1.84 billion dollars this year.

This is the math I did showing how much money under armor has made in 1999 compared to 2014.It shows how much of change has happened in a percent form.This information was shocking to me because it has had over 1,000 percent of change in just 15 years.Under Armour is a huge company and in 1999 their idea that was a risk paid off when Under Armour had made an ad on T.V. that showed football players wearing their company and they had also had produced ads in E.S.P.N. magazines

Here are the links I had to use in order to come up with the information used in this project.

Prices and ads found on Under Armour history.

Pictures found on google images link for the image.

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