Waterhouse Hawkins

Benjamin "Waterhouse" Hawkins is famous because he was not only just an amazing artist but he modeled life size dinosaurs. Waterhouse started drawing when he was only just 8 years old. He started drawing as a career as a mid teen. Waterhouse started sculpting at St. Alyouis with a person named William Behnes. After a while of sculpting at St. Alyouis he became very skilled at sculpting. Waterhouse's dinosaur became so popular that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert came to see his dinosaurs. He had a park called the Crystal Palace made just to display his many dinosaurs. He was famous for sculpting life size dinosaurs with bricks,clay, and braces.

Early life childhood

  Benjamin, "Waterhouse" Hawkins was born in 1807 in France. He was the son of Thomas Hawkins, and a son of Louisiana Anne Waterhouse, the daughter of a Jamaica plantation family. At a very young age he decided he liked drawing nature. After a little while he specialized in drawing dinosaurs. When Waterhouse spent almost all of his time during the day walking around drawing dinosaurs. When he was a mid teen he started to model some dinosaurs out of clay and sell them.  He studied at St. Aloysius college and learned how to sculpt and draw with William Behnes. Waterhouse took classes on nature to better understand it. Waterhouse displayed his art and sculptures at The Royal Academy between 1847 and 1849. Waterhouse was elected into the Society of Arts in 1846.

Was born in Paris, France

This relates to Waterhouse Hawkins because this is one of his sketches. This is a sketch of one of the dinosaurs that he was going to model. Waterhouse does a drawing, then a small model, then a full scale dinosaur model. Waterhouse was also an artist before he started to model dinosaurs. This is one of his models of a Hydrosaur. Waterhouse drew murals of his dinosaurs around his park that had all of his dinosaurs in it. Waterhouse went to an art school called St. Aloysius college and learned to sculpt and draw with William Behnes. Waterhouse took classes at  St. Aloysius to study nature so he could better understand it.i included this because it shows part of the process and how he makes his model dinosaurs. I also included this because he loved to draw and this is one of his better drawings. This picture is significant because it shows one of his most popular dinosaurs. This picture is also significant because it shows us how good he was at drawing. This drawing can be found in the Natural History Museum  in London.

Careers, Success, and Obstacles

Waterhouse had only had one career his whole life time. Waterhouse was an Artist, and that was it. The reason Waterhouse had only one career was because he did two different types of art. Waterhouse sculpted, and painted. Waterhouse was very successful at painting, he was so successful people would buy his art for a lot of money. Waterhouse started to sculpt when he was in his older years. Waterhouse started a career in sculpting life size dinosaurs. Benjamin "Waterhouse" Hawkins was very successful at sculpting because Queen Victoria and Prince Albert wanted to see his dinosaurs. Waterhouse was so popular and successful that he even had a park called The Crystal Palace Park dedicated to him to display his dinosaurs. Waterhouse faced some obstacles while he was during his sculpting career. Waterhouse had all of his dinosaurs vandalized by people. Almost all of his life's work was destroyed but, Waterhouse kept on sculpting. Waterhouse had an enemy named "Boss" Tweed. "Boss" Tweed was a corrupt politician that wasn't very good at his job. Waterhouse was going to have a museum built after him but ,"Boss" Tweed didn't like Waterhouse so he said no to that build.

fun facts

Waterhouse is a son of Thomas Hawkins who is also an artist.

Waterhouse had a dinner inside of one of his dinosaurs.

Waterhouse had six children!

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