The Diary of Adaline Brice

My name is Adaline Brice, and I am twenty- three. My husband's name is Lee. We are happily married with two children. Twin girls, Tanya and Trina. I am on the Union side. I live in Tampa Florida, and have a lovely house. I wouldn't say we were rich, but my husband holds a large amount of money. Currently he is fighting in the war and is stationed in Gettysberg and I pray day and night for his return. I miss him dearly. I always hold on to what he used to say to me every night before we go to bed.

"When the world around you is crumbling, look up at the stars then close your eyes, you will find peace in the darkest nights."

Diary entry day 1, 1861, 11:47 p.m.

I had many chores to do today. My mother had come over to help watch the kids while I worked around the house. Tending the garden was always a challenge. There is always snakes and bugs everywhere I walk, so I walk cautiously. The wild animals who come at night eat the carrot seeds, and nibble into the tomatoes. I am stuck there picking out the ripe and the contaminated fruits and vegetables.

The next chore I had to do was feed and groom the animals. It wasn't so hard. All of my farm animals are tamed and know most of their rights from wrongs. We have three horses, ten chickens, two cows, three sheep, and a rooster. It sounds like a lot but it really isn't.

I have an American flag I knitted myself. I raise it every morning, so I walked over to the back of the house and put the flag on top of the well. I put my hand over my heart and thanked God for another living day.

The rooster is always mad about something, so every morning I put the rooster in it's cage with food and water. The morning chores are always so exhausting. It passes the time quickly, though.

After about three hours I've completed the book "Withering Heights." I also read to the girls. They like to hear of fictional stories. It cheers them up, and helps them not think of their father in the war. When I was finished, I bathed the girls before supper. Which I had forgotten about! The pots with soup in them were smoking so I opened the windows and doors to let the smoke out.

It was a very eventful day.

Day, 2 1861, 9:31 p.m

Dear Lee,

I hope you are well. The girls and I are just fine, but we are struggling. We need you and miss you. I pray everyday for your return. How I love you so! I have knitted a special flag for you when you come home. If you come home, but I am trying to stay optimistic. The war you are fighting in is very dangerous, so I've heard. Be careful, for God's sake be careful! I am so very grateful you are helping and to protect us. The girls wish you a good luck, as do I.

With much love,


"Youngest Civil War Drummer Boy Dies." - heading from the Gettysberg war.

1861, 8:59 p.m

Today, I cleaned the house, but the girls are making millions of messes. I always have to clean up after them!

I knitted some clothes the men fighting in the war. They are probably freezing right now. I also donated food, for the sake of starvation. The girls made a poem to help encourage them to fight on and keep going.

Well, that's all for today!

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