Comparing Hurricane Heroes

by Brianna Mack

The similarities and differences of these heroic articles.......

      There were many differences between these three articles. Matt unlike Ariel and Deamonte, risked his own life so he could save three lives. This makes me think Matt's hero trait is unselfish. I think this because he put others first and him last. Ariel unlike Deamonte and Matt, created a Facebook page. This page was made so people who want to donate to those who have lost in the hurricane. This makes me feel that Ariel's character trait is giving. I think this because she helped other receive some lost or damaged items. Deamonte on the other hand had suffered  through hurricane Katrina and was separated from his parents. He had to watch over all of his many siblings. He led them to safety all by himself. This makes me think Deamonte's hero trait was protective because he watched over his siblings and kept them together.


     These three articles also had their similarities too. Ariel and Matt both had to face hurricane sandy in New York. Both Ariel and Deamonte gave things. Ariel used her Facebook page to get peoples items back. Deamonte gave his many siblings protection. Both Matt and Deamonte  acted protective and unselfish. Deamonte could have left his siblings behind but he was unselfish and lead them to safety. Matt could have got to safety and let the woman die, but he was protective and saved the elderly woman and her two dogs. All three of the articles had to do with heroism with hurricanes. Each of these heroes were helpful in their own kind of way.

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