By: Andrew Fleming Core 3

Writing about Mediation

On wednesday learned how to meditate. We did three meditation activities the first one was how to meditate while sitting up. The second one was how to meditate while laying down. The final one is we learned the sleeping meditation posture. We also learned how to sit so that we are comfortable. The last thing that we tried was to have a good posture.

What I think about Meditation

What I thought about meditation before was that I thought it was lamb. But now that I did it I think it is pretty cool. I also think that it is very good for people who stress a lot. I wouldn't meditate again. I wouldn't do it again because I couldn't sit there for that long. That is what I think about meditating.


Meditation- Meditation to me is sitting and breathing and clearing your mind so that you will not fell any stress anymore. Meditation is a concept that helps you not fell stress anymore. All you do to meditate is just sit and breath in a quite room and clear your mind.

Mantra- Mantra to me is just mainly someone saying the same word over and over again. Mantra is so that you will not be thinking about anything else and just be clearing your mind. The only thing you need to do to do mantra is say a word or sentence over and over again.

Deep Breathing- Deep breathing to me helps me not think about anything else expect nothing or what I want to thin about. Deep breathing is someone who will deeply breath. How to deep breath is simple all you have to do is that you need to just mainly breath deeply.

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