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Technology On the Go
By Sruti Kamarajugadda

                                                                How it Caught On

Today's modern technology age has caught on with almost everyone. Teens, adults ,and even  elderly are using technology to its full potential. As being one of the best companies in this industry, Apple has once again made an device to encourage the reign of technology.    The all new I- Pad 4 has limitless applications to inspire consumers with all its possibilities. The I-Pad 4's unique gaming ability allows the consumer to combine the stunning retina  display with the opportunity of using this mobile.  The E- Reader can allow the reader with to access Books and Amazon's kindle.  Unlimited access to the improved GPS makes the experience of driving a breeze. These new adaptions make the I- Pad 4 one of the best the best items in the market.

As being one of the most recommended products by most of the media, the I- Pad 4 has swept the nation. It's many applications take away most of the displeasure in everyday activities. In November of 2013, the I- Pad 4 was launched and immediately given a four star review.   The 4G LTE makes the I- Pad 4 an amazing improvement to the I- Pad advancement. Though the I- Pad 4 does take a long time to charge, it capacity time is seemingly endless. The new IOS 7 also  an improvement to the earlier design of the I- Pad.

I use the I-Pad 4 for gaming and reading, though I learned there are many other helpful uses to the I- Pad. This amazing thin, box of metal can make your day. It allows you to keep your privacy by still doing the things you love. The reasonable price allows everyone to enjoy the  pleasure of this device. The portability makes this product an incredible product for everyone.

The I phone 6 is a fit for everyone. The new improved bigger size makes the gadget suitable for all the buyers. The slim fit makes this portable  phone, easy to fit in the pocket. This devices's the all new bigger size makes the touch better and more accessible. This device can be purchased almost everywhere with a reasonable price. And being an apple product it's liability is ensured.

The I-Pod 6 touch is perfect for everyone. It also contains a retina display but at a lower price than the I-phone. It's upcoming unveiling has pumped everyone for it's new features. Well mystery reveled- The I-Pod 6 not only contains a retina display but also an dual-core A5 processor ,radio app, larger storage options and Apple Pay. All in an affordable price.

All in all Apple has changed our definition of technology. Apple has made the new generation, into the tech world. So the next time you enter an Apple Store, think about all the fun you can be having with these new devices.

Enjoy this video on the many uses of I- Pads and all the easy ways to navigate around it:

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