Hey, my name is Sophia.  I am a Ginger obviously!  I love sports and play softball and soccer.  I have two sisters Maria and Alivia that are older then me.  My favorite place to go is the ocean, preferably the Outer Banks and I love surfing.  My family is my support system and I love everyone in it very much.

Three Things About Me


Sports and working out is my favorite thing to do.  Softball is my favorite sport and I have played it since I was about 7.  I have pitched and played first base for the past 4 years.  I also play indoor Soccer and I am a defender.  Along with these I love to train in MMA.  This stands for mixed martial arts and focuses on all different techniques and tactics in fighting, boxing, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, and many more.  Another thing I really enjoy doing is surfing and skim boarding.  These of course are summer activities therefore I do not get to enjoy them very often.  

Animal Lover

I am an animal lover!!! When I was about 10 I got 2 goats and kept them at my house, took them to the Albion Fair, and was in 4-h.  I did end up having to sell them due to the price of grain and hay going up.  We have boughten 2 ducks each year and raised them until they were able to fly, then we release them at our cottage.  I also have 3 rabbits, one of which I have bred the past two years.  Along with these animals I have a dog and cat.  Also my sister has a horse that I help to care for and use in shows.  


I love the outdoors and spend most of my free time outside.  Depending on the time of year I do different things.  In the fall and winter I do a lot of ice fishing and hunting with my Dad.  In the summer months I like to go hiking, swimming, fishing, boating, have fires, sleep under the stars, and stay at my cottage.  The outdoors is my escape from electronics and allows me to "unplug."

My Goals

The most important thing about goals is having one. ~Geoffrey F. Abert

Goal 1: My first goal that I want to complete is to hit a home run in softball.  I hope to achieve this by the end of this season.  My hope is that by working out and gaining a lot of arm muscle that I will be able to accomplish this.

Goal 2:  My second goal is to see my Grandpa by the end of the summer.  He lives in Florida and is 93 years old.  I saw him over Easter break last year but I really want to save up enough money to buy a plane ticket and fly down.  I can achieve this by working extra hours over the summer.   

Goal 3:  My last goal is to get abs.  I really hope to accomplish a "washboard abs" look by the summer time.  I hope to achieve this by working out everyday and toning my stomach in gym class.  Eating only certain foods in moderation will also help in me being able to accomplish this.

I would love to visit...

Egegik Alaska!  It has been my lifelong dream to go to Alaska either by myself or on a vacation with my family.  Despite the cold weather Alaska's wilderness and surrounding waters have interested me for a long time.  I have considered living here on multiple occasions but definitely want to visit before I make that big of a change in my lifestyle!

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