HIV PEP for Two Situations

PEP is the abbreviation of Post-exposure Prophylaxis. When it comes to HIV PEP, you should know that there are two kinds of situation. One is Occupational exposure and another is non-occupational exposure.

As for non-occupational exposure, it happens on sharing a needle for injecting drug, having unprotected sex, having yourself pierced or tattooed and so on. For instant, if someone has multiple sexual partners, then he or she will be at high risk of infecting HIV. As you know, it is the common way to pass the virus of HIV through sexual intercourse. Hence, if you want to keep your health, you'd better know your partner's sexual history. And if you know nothing about your partner's HIV status, you'd better use the qualified condom.

As for Occupational exposure, hospital is a place which offers treatment for HIV sufferers. Hence, it is inevitable for those doctors and nurses to undertake the risk of HIV. It is common that surgeon is easy to be infected with HIV. Because it is easy to be cut or puncture by scalpel when they operate on HIV sufferers. Besides, someone who works in healthcare is also easy to be spread when they draw blood from HIV sufferers and inject into patients.