Story of My Life

Sloane Verbic

Newport Coast, California
First day of school at Corona Del Mar High School
Ruby's Shake Shack in Newport Coast, California
Moving to California

- I had the choice to stay in Arizona or go to California with my mom

- Newport Beach, California

-Last minute decision

-Life experience

-Shaped who I am (adaptable, social)

One of my most important life experiences is moving from my hometown to California. The quote I chose to depict this life event is, “Making a big life change is pretty scary. But you know what’s even scarier? Regret.” I think this quote accurately supports my event, because I was given a choice whether I wanted to move to California with my mom, or stay in Arizona with my dad. Looking back, I am very glad that I chose California, even though leaving my friends, my dad, and my school was very difficult. I believe that moving changed my life for the better, because I love that now I can say I have lived in three states and gained knowledge of other places in America. I’ve always envied people who grew up in the same house in the same city for their whole childhood. But now I realize that I have a more accurate picture of the world and more life experience than if I had stayed in Arizona. Change is always a good thing, and I believe that moving has made me grow into a stronger and more independent person. The topic I would relate this to in Psychology is, normative social influence. I would relate it to this topic, because I conformed to my new friends and the way of life in California. I would say that living in Newport Beach impacted the way I do things, as I still have the same habits that I gained last year.

- Separated since I was 7

- Learned from watching my mom

- Emotional experience, but shaped me to who I am today

- Had to become more independent

- Learned many lessons at such a young age that most people never learn

My parents getting divorced was also a huge thing in my life. They had been separated for seven years and just recently got divorced. The saying I chose is, “Some of us think holding on makes us strong but sometimes it is letting go.” I chose this quote, because I know it was hard for my mom to let go of their life together and I saw everyday how it affected her. She is such a strong woman, and I could never be more proud to call her my mother. I have learned a lot from her. In particular, I learned that letting go is okay and moving on is just easy as your mind makes it. I am so blessed to have learned such lessons at this young age, and furthermore she has taught me to stand up for myself and never back down off of what I believe. I think that this experience, although emotional, has made me grow as an independent person and a free thinker. Watching what my parents went through was not easy for me, and I would say observational learning plays a huge role. Now that I have seen my parent’s mistakes, I can learn from them and hopefully not repeat them in my own life.

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