Coach Chris Ickes

Varsity Track & Cross Country Coach at Kenston High School

To the next level

Before Ickes took over as head track coach, Kenston had not won a conference title since the mid 1980's. After his second season behind the reigns, Ickes led the Bombers to their first title in over 25 years. Since then then the Bombers have gone on to win an unprecedented five consecutive titles. During his relatively short career as head coach, Ickes has mentored many regional and state qualifying athletes.

Away from his track and field position, Ickes also serves as the school's varsity cross country coach leading the Bombers to two conference titles. In 2012 Ickes led a $70,000 project to create community-friendly cross country trail throughout the Kenston campus. Outside of Kenston, Ickes serves as President of Icky Sites Web Development.

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