La Luna – The Best Restaurant Gastronomique Coquillage (Gourmet Seashell Restaurant) In Paris

This press release was written to inform the readers that La Luna is the best Restaurant Gastronomique Coquillage (Gourmet Seashell Restaurant) in Paris.

If you are searching for a great Restaurant Gastronomique Coquillage (Gourmet Seashell Restaurant), look no further than La Luna. Running successfully for the past many years, the restaurant is highly popular, particularly among seafood lovers. Whether your idea of a great meal includes tablecloths & attentive service at a comfortable place or a take away package wrapped in a paper, La Luna can very well cater to your needs.

To get on your place luscious dishes, they only use the freshest Produits De La Mer (products from the sea). Their focus on the food freshness has won them a great reputation in the food industry as well as popularity among seafood lovers. Some of the other things that they are highly appreciated for are – their exotic location, magnificent decor, and comfortable seating.

The credit for the success of La Luna goes to its owner Catherine Delaunay, who spares no effort to make her restaurant the best in the city. She was even elected as “Hostess” of the year by Gilles Pudlanski in the' Guide Pudlo Pans 2007”.

About Restaurant La Luna

Located in Paris, Restaurant La Luna is amongst the best Restaurants in Paris. Nestled in an exotic location, the restaurant rates high in terms of everything – be it food quality, service, ambiance, or prices. It serves the guests with the best sea food and French dishes prepared using fresh, high quality ingredients. To know more about the restaurant or check out their menu, feel free to browse through their official website i.e.