Strong, Proud, Stuburn

“Where the Lilies Bloom” was written in 1969 by Vera and William J. Cleaver. It is a fascinating story about a young girl whose mother is gone, and father is sick. She has to care for her father, her older sister who isn’t clear in the head, younger brother and younger sister. She has to face many problems and tough decisions, but she’s as strong, proud, and stubborn as the mountains.

The main characters introduced to me throughout the book were Mary Call, Devola, Romney, Emma Dean, Roy Luther, and Kiser Piese. Mary Call is 14 years old, and she has to care for all of her family. Devola is four years older than Mary Call, 18, but she’s cloudy headed, and not very educated. Romney is the younger brother who is very curious and short tempered. Emma Dean is the youngest of the children, who likes sugar when she’s sad, but mostly stays quiet. Kiser Piese is the neighbor who owns their land. Kiser is rough and doesn’t get along very well with Mary Call. Finally, Roy Luther is the father of all the children. Sadly though, he is very sick and getting worse.

Before Roy Luther passed away, he made Mary Call promise to keep the family together, not to take any donations, and to not tell anyone he had passed. Eventually, Roy Luther passed away, and Mary Call knew that she had to do whatever she could to keep the family together. She found a book about Wildcrafting and automaticaly knew her plan. That very day the whole family studied the book and eventually started up Old Joshua to start Wildcrafting.

Of course, the nosy neighbor Kiser Piese had to get involved. Almost everyday Kiser would head over to the Luthers house and try to dig his way into their business. If Mary Call, or any of the Luthers told Kiser about Roy Luthers death, he would call the towns people and seperate them for sure. Also, Kiser wants to amrry Devola and she thinks its a great idea, but Mary Call promised Roy Luther she wouldn't let them get married. Later on, Kiser takes Devola to town to get her drivers lisence, and has a terrible accident. As they were walking in the road Kiser got hit by a carriage.

As time goes on, Kiser gets closer and closer to finding out about Roy Luthers death. Eventually, Mary Call thinks its best to ask Kiser to marry her, so that the family could stay together when Kiser finds out Roy Luther is dead. Although she thinks her plan will work, it backfires, and Kiser says no to Mary Calls offer. Now they're stuck with no choices left, except to tell Kiser, but Mary Call refuses to tell him.

Unfortuanly for Mary Call, the rest of the Luthers disagree. The rest of them think that Devola marrying Kiser Piese would help the family. They brought Kiser Piese over to talk about it but Mary Call panics an ends up passing out. Will Mary Call was asleep, the Luthers told Kiser about Roy Luther passing away and how Devola and Kiser would get married. Mary Call wasn't happy she broke the promise to Roy Luther but agreed that it was best for everyone for Kiser and Devola to get married.

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