The Gupta Empire

By: Savannah Parsons

The Gupta Empire existed 329 CE-the 600's CE, it existed in India and was a mainly Hinduism culture with some Buddhism. The area that the empire consumed fluctuated often so the map shown above was not what it looked like the entire time it existed. The Empire had very important mathmatical contributions to out modern day society. They came up the concept of zero, people had thought of having numbers to represent how much of something they had but no one had thought of a number for having nothing, that is what the people of the Gupta empire came up with. They also came up arabic numbers which is part of what we use today. They also came up with the decimal system because they had came up with the concept of zero which leads to money and many other important things to out society. The capital of this society was Pataliputra, their government was a Monarchy. This time period was actually considered Indias golden age beacuse of all of it's advances in math, a golden age is a time in a cultures history where there is peace and prosperity and there are many great cultural contributions.

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