Animal Testing

By: Grace Riley

Animals have been used in party pill testings, testing new ingredients of various products,and in never ending AIDS experiments. These experiments and tests can cause physical and emotional problems. Animal testings can cause harm, sicknesses, and can possibly lower the animals current population.

How It Hurts

Scientists and researchers have devised endless ways for abusing animals in experiments. They use them to test weed killers and pesticides as well as new ingredients for foods, drinks, pet food, and even cleaning fluids.

And hey, did you know, thousands of chimps have been wasted and used in millions of experiments to find a cure for AIDS? And get this, the experimenters already know that the outcome will show no progress!

It's Sick, Literally

On May 21st, 2013 there was an animal testing that led to a protest to enforce a law against ALL animal testings. What first started it all, was some people testing an abundance of party pills on poor, innocent animals. And the testing of party pills was specifically tested on dogs out of all of the other animals used.

For nearly a century, drug and chemical safety experiments have been based on lab testing involving rodents, rabbits, dogs, and other animals. Apart from the issues they pose—inflicting both physical pain as well as psychological distress and suffering on large numbers of innocent creatures—animal tests are time- and resource- restrictive in the number of substances that can be tested, provide little understanding of how chemicals behave in the body, and in many cases do not correctly predict real-world human reactions. Similarly, health scientists are increasingly questioning the relevance of research aimed at "modeling" human diseases in the laboratory by artificially creating symptoms in other animal species.

Problems With Populations

In this picture, there is a poor little monkey in what seems to be some sort of torture device for some useless experiment. This innocent monkey looks like he's almost dead, he also looks like he has no more strength to try and go up against this horrible piece of machinery. It also comes to my attention that these machines were and are probably used on millions of  other monkeys without a care.

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