The FEEL Center Project LLC

The Financial Fitness Gym

A great illustration for what could be; it doesn't have to be like this!

If you already have a financial grim ripper looming and you're looking for relief.   It's time to get financially fit.

Welcome to The FEEL Center Project LLC   /  The Financial Fitness Gym

My crowd funding campaign for The FEEL Center Project LLC  / Financial Fitness Gym is launching 8/18/14 and I could use your support to achieve my goal.

I'm not good at asking for help, because I never really had too.

This endeavor I'm embarking on is much bigger than I; If I must do it alone I will! I’m just praying I won’t.

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All is not lost!

The first step is we have too; no we must change the way we relate and interact with business, organization and institutions.

How many business transactions do you think you preform daily?

From sun up to sun down you're interacting with a business, organization or institution is continuous, because they want your money and they will do almost anything to have you part with it.

Isn't time you started benefiting from your daily interactions as  does a business; when it comes to your money and how you're going to part with it?

Businesses, organizations and institutions have all the tools; now even most of the laws which allow them to take advantage of the consumer, because the consumer believe they have on choice.  Unfortunately this is correct to some degree  only if we allow it!  

The consumer still has power and it lies within each of us.  We can either believe we're prey to business, organization and institution or we can became a wolf in sheep's clothing.  Gain the knowledge that is right in front of us and fight business, organization and institution with the very tools they use against us the consumer.

Knowledge is power!  Welcome to the Financial Fitness Gym