Gentry Viers - Trauma Specialist

A retired United States Navy veteran, Gentry Viers served his country with pride and honor. In the six years he served in the Navy, he did two tours of duty in Iraq, most notably during the heat of battle in an operation referred to as Operation Iraqi Freedom. It was a trying time, with the harsh environment not helping matters. Still, as a naval foreman in the service, Gentry’s comrades never lacked a sturdy shelter or camp to operate from. Guided by years of experience in building and construction, Gentry Viers shined at being able to set up camp and aggregate the resources that troops would require to keep moving.

Once he oversaw the building of a camp/base, Gentry Viers’ other responsibility was as a trained trauma specialist. This meant that he dealt with a lot of wounded soldiers coming straight from the combat zones. While patching up a bullet wound or broken limb is somewhat straightforward, helping the soldier deal with the trauma from the experience was a different matter altogether. This is because trauma manifests itself as mental difficulties and challenges, which sometimes can show up long after the traumatic event.

For Gentry Viers, getting soldiers to overcome the trauma of being shot at or losing fellow comrades took a lot of strength and hard work from him, but he was appreciative of the training he went through. Still, he acknowledges that trauma is a serious and complex issue that shouldn’t be ignored at any costs.

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