The Clash of the Swords

Catherine Keable

For hundreds of years swords have been used as an offensive or defensive weapon in situations.

They are often related to war.

The Sword of Beowulf

This sword was used in the epic poem of Beowulf. He was able to defeat Grendel's mother with the power of this sword.

The Sword of Choice

From battle to battle this magnificent sword has never once failed its master.

The swords name is called the "Masterpiece" as it is the greatest fighting device ever created. It was made out of the most expensive gold found on this planet and embellished with the greatest gem in the world to show its owners magnitude of riches.

This sword is known across the land of Lynches as the only weapon that God put on this earth in order to help keep the world in peace.

The sword has many different aspects to keep in mind. The wings represent how God gave the sword down to hold world peace. The symbol means that angels are always looking over the soldiers fighting with the beloved "Masterpiece". The gold markings in the middle of sword are represent flames which are the people that are killed by the sword. This holds prevalence because the only people who are to be killed with the sword are the ones sent from Satan to disrupt God's peace. The ring with thorn like objects are there to remind the solider how Jesus, the son of God, died for us on the cross as he was wearing a headpiece made out of thorns.


The sword has the amazing ability to slice through any object put in its way.

The sword was in hundreds of battles throughout the first millennium. The greatest and most famous battle is when the "Masterpiece" killed the bearded dragon beast. The beast had been killing people every Sunday on their way home from the church and the sword was able to kill him. The fire which flamed from its eyes was the clear indication that he was indeed a product of hell. The sword struck the beast directly in the heart and it let out the largest of all screeches ever head on planet earth. This is something even the greatest of epic hero's could not have done without the sword.

The "Masterpiece" was originally created for the amazing man Alfred who was the controller of the biggest part of God's sacred land. He was believed to be the only warrior that would have the capabilities to hold the sword against any person or thing that attempted to have any advances against the holy people of the Land of Lynches.