Jacques Lipchitz

By: Mark Robinson

  Jacques Lipchitz was born on August 22, 1891 on a island called Druskieniki, Luthuania.  Jacques Lipchitz died on a island called Capri in Italy in May 16, 1969,  he was buried in Jerusalum.  Jacques worked with Archipeako and Picasso.  Jacques created art wit Picasso and Esprit Nouveau.

   Between 1915 and 1925  Jacques the artist created stone sculptures.  In these sculptures, the head looked like blocks with some color added.  In 1925  he started to move away from the Cubist formal language.

 Lipchitz designed a sculpture, called  "Prometheus" for the 1937 Paris World Exposition.  He was given a gold medal for the sculpture.  During World War II, he fled to Toulouse, France, quickly moving to the US.  Once in America, he moved to New York for good.  

  To me Cubism is a form of art that has multiple different points of view. Like the red Armchair, on her face there are two sides, one eye on one side, and one facing towards you.

I feel like this art form is a different way to express your feelings about art. I also feel like this can sometimes confuse me, but when I look at it for a while I can see what it is.