Video Production

By: Jordan Salmon-Scarborough



Session 1

Today we learned the basic operation of a camcorder, we learned basic camera movements and we wrote and recorded a news report.

Session 2

We learned about analog editing. We edited our brief case. We examined different types of video production. And we also choose a public service announcement topic.

Session 3

The first thing we did was we learned the purpose of storyboard. Storyboard our own public service announcement. We explored communications technology. We also recorded our own public service announcemnt.

Session 4

Edited our public service announcement. We learned how video is used to influence people.

Session 5

Wrote and storyboard a commercial. We recorded our commercial.

Session 6

Today we Explored Federal Communications Commission regulations.

Session 7

Merge together each of the individual video clips created during this module. And we finally burned our final video production onto a CD.


A job that has to do with video production is a movie/news director. They have to go through the same steps when editing like i did. They have to both go through television production and they have to deal with scrips and camcorders.