Heaven is for Real
By: Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent
Book report by: Austin Stuhr

Jesus looked at them and said " With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26

Four-year-old Colton Burpo had an out of body experience that took him to heaven and back in three minutes. A near death experience turned into a miracle of a lifetime that he would live to tell about.

Colton is the son of Todd and Sonja Burpo. He has a sister named Cassie and a sister that died before birth. They live in Imperial, Nebraska where Todd is a pastor. Even though he was a pastor, a broken leg, kidney stones, and a diagnosis of Hyperplasmia had made him question God. The large medical bills had cut into their savings account and put financial stress on their family. To temporarily escape all of their financial troubles, the Burpo's decide to have some family fun in Greeley, Colorado where Todd's district board meeting would be held. When they arrived at Greeley, Colton did not feel right. He began to vomit on a continuous basis. The family took him to the emergency room in Greeley where X-rays revealed three dark masses in his torso. The doctors were puzzled on what was wrong with Colton. Seeing the shadow of death on his face develop over the next few days made Todd and Sonja make the decision to move him to the Great Plains Medical Center in North Platte, Nebraska.

It was there that the radiologist discovered that Colton had a burst appendix which would require immediate surgery. The surgery was successful but seven days later tests would show more pockets of infection, which needed additional surgery.

Returning home, they were exhausted, physically and mentally, knowing they had over $23,000 in bills. Thankfully friends and family would help them reduce the bills. Colton was physically healthy, but he had seemed different mentally. Colton began to talk more about Jesus and what he looked like. He also talked about heaven being filled with lots of people. Some had wings with lights around their head with white gowns and rainbow colored sashes. Colton's parents thought he was remembering what he had learned in Sunday School. But their thoughts changed when Colton started talking about meeting his great-grandpa named Pop and his deceased sister who he had never heard about. He was also able to tell them about exactly what they were doing in the waiting room while he was having surgery! They could no longer deny what Colton had been saying and now the Burpo's know that "Heaven is for Real."


What did I enjoy about this book?

The things in this book are things I have believed in all my life. Getting the satisfaction of proof from a small child with no motivation to say these things only deepens my faith and gives me a picture of what is in store for us as christians.

What was the authors purpose for writing this book?

To share with the world Colton's experiences and give some more reason to believe that God and Jesus really exist.

Would I recommend this book?

I would recommend this book to believers and non believers in Christ. It has a message that cannot be denied.

Was a movie made?

A movie was made of "Heaven is for Real" was just released in 2014