Multi-function Power Solution

USB Charger is the charger which output connector is a USB port, USB interface is fixed on the charger shell, compact, very easy for travel to carry. Commonly used in mobile phones, MP3, Iphone 4, wireless routers and other digital electronic products.

We have so many devices that are charged via USB in our house that multiport USB wall chargers have become a necessity for us. Sometimes you learn one way to do something, and that’s the way you do it forever. You never learn another way because you think that’s just the way it is. However, there are many ways to charge your phone.

You can battle with the included charger, attempting to discover an outlet sufficiently close to a table to rest your gadget. In the event that you have numerous gadgets, they can be strewn around your home. The ivanbox is a basic, in with no reservations one desktop USB charger that can oversee and energize to 5 gadgets. It offers PowerIQ Technology which can auto identify and recognize your gadget to convey energizing paces of to 8 amps general or 2.4 amps every port.

It is compatibility with Android, Apple and other popular devices. Streamline all of your devices' charging needs with the ivanbox 5-Port USB Wall Charger. With 5 USB ports, this charger is optimized to refuel almost any USB device, including iPhones, Samsung smartphones, tablets and more. With only a single AC output charger required, this hub considerably reduces cable clutter.

The multi-function power solution for your portable devices is embedded with an intelligent safety chip, safeguarding your devices from overheating, overcharging and power surges. So whether you're traveling with all your devices or at a conference with colleagues, the ivanbox 5-Port High Speed Wall Charger USB Charger allows you to stay connected without the fear of burning out. The thoroughly tested ivanbox 5-Port High Speed Wall Charger USB Charger has been engineered at the highest standards to ensure that your devices will charge at the fastest speed possible.

Through Smart Charge Technology, this wall charger allots power automatically to each gadget connected at its fastest rate based on the needed power. When the gadget requires less power has completed its charging process, the remaining power which is up to 2.1 Amps is redirected to the device that requires more power to charge it as fast as possible. The ivanbox USB wall charger is the perfect choice for any power user.

The asking for slot of this charger is 2.4 ivanbox are made to provide the needs of modern devices and other older product system. It has control that is built-in the charger; you can also connect your system without concerning too much about over-loading. This charger is very smart that it knows exactly how much energy your system needs. It analyzes the appropriate amount of energy that your system needs and instantly reduces the energy to attract, phones from potential incidents because of over-loading. The ivanbox charger, unlike other brands, is able to charge two gadgets without sharing power, ensuring that one port is only allocated to one gadget. This enables the USB charger to power up two gadgets at the fastest and fullest speed possible. For more information visit the site .

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