Korean War

Miles Sitcawich
Mrs. Beebe hr 1

Soldier from the Korean War

The Korean War was a battle between North and South Korea. And also the first major conflict of the cold war. North Korea's prime minister at the time was Kim Il Sung. Their chief commander was Choi Yong-kun. South Korea's president was Syngman Rhee. And their army was led by Chung Il-kwon.

The war took place in Korea from June 25, 1950- July 27, 1953.

Before WWii both were part of Japan. Afterwards they decided to divide up into two parts. The northern half went under control of the Soviet Union. And the southern half went under control of the US. A lot of the battles took place at the 38th parallel, where the two territories were divided. At first the United Nations were only trying to defend South Korea, but because on June 25, 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea President Truman decided to go on the offensive. With the help of General George McArthur, who led the UN forces to the battle of Inchon, South Korea gained their own territory back up to the 38th parallel.

This whole battle happened because the two sides did not get a long. They tried to negotiate, but they got nowhere so they gave up.

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