My Paper on Marcus Ulpius Trajanus

This picture is of a man named Marcus Ulpius Trajanus. Trajan was born on September 18, AD 52 at Italica near Seville. Trajan's spanish origin made him the first emperor not to come from Italy.

This is Trajan when he was in the military.  Trajan was also a soldier who spent most of his life involved in campaigns. He was also a brilliant general, as shown by his military achievements. Much of his passion for war came from the simple fact that he was very good at it.

This is a picture of Trajan's father. Trajan's father was the first of the to reach the office of senator. Trajan served in Syria as a military tribune during the governorship of his father.

This is a picture of part the government. Trajan's eventual entry at Rome in AD 99 was a triumph. Throughout Trajan's reign there was an ever-increasing program of public works.

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