My Trip to India
by Milan Soni

facts about India


The steering wheel is on the other side

  • The famous board game, called Chess, was invented in India.
  • India has never invaded any other country.
  • India is the 7th largest country in the world, the largest democracy and one of the oldest civilizations.
  • India was one of the richest countries in the world before the British invasion in 17th century.
  • India has population of 1,173,108,018 people.
  • it has 29 states and 7 union territories.
  • Hindi and English are its official languages, but there are other regional languages such as Gujarati ( which my family speaks) and Sanskrit. There many different dialects.
  • New Delhi is the capital city of India.
  • Winter, Summer and Monsoon are the seasons.
  • It is illegal to kill a cow in India.
  • I have visited India 4 times and have done some sight seeing over the years.
  • It takes about 18 hours to get there in the plane and 20 hours to get back. I was in a plane for 16 hours straight. My plane took off from Dallas to Doha ( In Qatar) then to Ahmedabad, India.
  • The steering wheel is on the other side
  • Here are some pictures
  • pictures

    A large hill near my grandmothers house.
    My brother and I are in Ahmedebad.
    A nice lake in the evening.
    Standing at the edge of a pier near my grandma's house.
    n old, huge house.
    A peacock on my grandma's childhood home
    My uncle giving us a ride on a motorcycle
    Climbing a tree
    Another old house
    Hanging out with friends
    Coming out of a plane at Doha going back to America
    My uncles farm
    A big fort/ palace
    Entrance to the fort/ palace
    Inside a fort/ pala
    A view from the top of the palace.
    Say cheese!
    Another nice view!
    Lake near the palace
    Enjoying a ride on the camels!
    Say cheese in the desert.
    Inside the desert tent
    iding on a canoe
    Driving beep beep !