Richard Finkelstein

Set designer for the musical The tale of Cinderella

Richard Finkelstein was born in 1950, Philadelphia . He has been a designer of scenery, lighting and projections for 30 years. He has designed heaps of new plays for some writers like John Pielmeier. He also designed sets for some very popular performances such as: The Wizard of Oz, On the verge, Peter Pan, Dracula and The Tale of Cinderella. Richard Finkelstein is very good at what he does and should be congratulated for his brilliant work. He has won many critical awards including a few Kennedy awards as well as the Denver drama critics award. Richard Finkelstein taught at a number of universities, he is now a proffessor of stage design at James Madison University.

The Tale of Cinderella performance for the New York theater institute set design was done by Richard Finkelstein. In 2001 in spring time the musical spread to places across New York.

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By Alana Nikcevich

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