Appalachian Plateau

if you're wondering where you can go over the summer for vacation or an open business? just come to the Appalachian Plauteau!

there are so much you can do such as hiking, observing, and SO MUCH MORE


The Appalachian Plateau is the smallest of all the regions in Georgia. it also has very few people who live up there because of the rocky terrain. Years ago people couldn't settle on the land because of its flatness just like the piedmont. Regardless of these disadvantages the region has one of the largest sources of coal in the world. In the past people started to dig for what used to be called 'black diamonds'. The mines were important back then and jobs were wanted all over for people to work mines. Most families and/or businesses move tot he region with reasons related to  mining. IF you open a business you would want it to be relation to minig.

The Attractions Of The Appalachian Plateau

The Cloudland
State Park

Cloudland Canyon State Park is located on the western edge of Lookout Mountain and is the part of the Cumberland Plateau. The developed section of the park is located between the two canyons of Bear Creek and Daniel Creek, just before they come together to form the larger Sitton's Gulch Creek. Two waterfalls cascade over layers of sandstone and shale into pools below, with their flow depending on recent rains. You must make a reservation for tours. to make a reservation call the number (tel:706-913-7170). For Contact Information: (706)657-4050.

Lookout Mountain

lookout mountain os the most unusual physical feature. It rests between 3 states: Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee. If you were to visit there you can see 7 states I know crazy right! The highest point is located in Goergia that is 2,393 ft. This mountain is known through industry and the battles fought in the Civil War. If you ever think about starting a business you might want to build a tourist attraction to help keep the business up.

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