Zaxby's Project By: Alaurea Paige


    Have you ever wondered who created the amazing food of Zaxby's and where it was thought of? Well it all started with these two people who are still best friends till this day. These two friends name's are Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley. They were hanging around their neighborhood, on a basketball court, wondering why they couldn't find any god chicken fingers or wings. They wanted a simple name that served only the freshest chicken and that's when they chose the name Zaxby's. The first Zaxby's opened in 1990 in Statesboro, Georgia. The quick casual restaurant was proved successful, so in 1994 Tony and Zach decided to franchise the brand. The results have been tremendous, as you can see, with more than 500 restaurants across 12 states and plenty more on the way. Another reason they made Zaxby's was because where they lived they didn't have a place where families and friends could hang out and have fun while eating.


    The transportation Zaxby's uses is not a lot. They use trucks, trains, and airlines. the reason for them not having ships is because Zaxby's is only located in the United States. They use these to transport massive amounts of chicken and other product. You might be wondering where the trucks travel, they travel on the interstates and highway to transport to different states within the United States.


    A risk Tony and Zach took on was that there was already places that sold chicken fingers and wings. Another major risk is that they had no experience when they decided to open up a business what so ever. A possible risk is that if their chicken was bad during a lunch rush and they serve it to 50 people bad chicken. The consequence is 50 people would talk bad about it to friends and family and then they would spread the word and they would lose a lot of money for this one time tiny action. Lastly say if they're remodeling and they are closed for a week or so, the would lose a lot of money just by one thing and that would be remodeling.

Impact on Georgia's Economy

    An impact Zaxby's have on the state of Georgia is the taxes. The taxes the Zaxby's charges its costumers goes directly back to Georgia. They also provide jobs for people who need one in Georgia. by providing jobs residents can provide for their family and have money to pay bills and other taxes they might have. Annually Zaxby's makes 500 million dollars and provide jobs for more than 18,000 people throughout all the Zaxby's restaurants. Lastly it impacts Georgia by giving a fun an great environment for its customers.

Zach McLeroy

Zach McLeroy is the chief executive officer, chairman of the board. Stockholder in more than 70 Zaxby's restaurants. He is an alumnus of the University of Georgia in Athens. The company operates primarily in the southeastern United States with more than 600 locations.

Tony Townley is the executive Vice president and a stockholder in more than 40 Zaxby's restaurants. He is responsible for the fiscal health of the company. Tony holds a bachelor's degree in management from Georgia Southern College and is a charter member of APICS, the American Production Inventory Control Society. When he isn't enjoying time with his wife, three sons and daughter, Tony can be found taking in a good movie, fishing, hunting, or enjoying outdoor activites.

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