Alaya Lester~Mesopotamia

  All About Mesopotamia

  Mesopotamian Society

Originally, Mesopotamia was given the name because it meant "Land Before Rivers". Mesopotamia is famous for many things like: Inventing the clock, First Empire, and developing large cities, but I feel their biggest achievement is The Hammurabi's code. The Hammurabi's code is a set of 282 laws that dealt with almost every part of everyday life. Mesopotamian societies didn't have any written laws before the Hammurabi's Code. It was carved into stone and and is six feet tall [You can see the viewing in the video below.] As far as their religion went, Mesopotamian's did not believe in the after-life. They believed all good and bad people go under-ground as ghosts and eat dirt. Mesopotamian's also believed they were servants of God. For entertainment, ancient Mesopotamian's would go to music festivals or play board games. When they weren't doing playing games or going to festivals, they would work. Many people would make cuneiform and things that are now artifacts. [Picture of scribe works below]