Albert Einstein

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Personal Information

Albert Einstein was born on March 14,1879. His full name is Albert Einstein, he had no middle name. He was born in Ulm,Germany. Einstein died on April 18, 1955.

Background  of Albert Einstein

Instead of completing high school, Albert decided to apply directly to the ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute is Zurich Switzerland.  After school, Einstein temporarily became a math teacher at the technical high school in Winterthur and then at a private school at Schiff haven  Then he worked at a Swiss patent office in Bern as a technical expert 3rd. class and was later upgraded to 2nd class.

Work Information

Albert originally did his work in Germany but eventually moved to America and did his work there. Einstein's contribution to science was very big. One of his biggest work of science was the Theory of Relativity which is basically the theory that space and time are interwoven  into a single continuum known as space-time (events that occur  at the same time for one observer could occur at a different times for another). Einstein also won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1921 for the Law of the Photoelectric Effect. Some of his other accomplishments include E=mc2 which is also the theory of relativity. Einstein also invented a refrigerator called the Einstein Refrigerator.

Other Interesting information

Albert Einstein played the violin. At first he didn't like and then as he got older he liked it more and thought of it as a stress reliever. Albert Einstein was married twice. Once to Elsa Einstein and once to Mileva Maric. As a child, Albert did not speak. He didn't speak until he was three. Einstein is not just the last name of Albert Einstein, it has become a common noun, Einstein meaning genius.



Albert Einstein Physicist and Genius by: Joyce Goldenstern





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