Albert Barbusci

Strategic Adviser and Entrepreneur Albert Barbusci

About Albert Barbusci

A Montreal-based entrepreneur with a strong background in marketing and advertising, Albert Barbusci is currently pursuing investment opportunities in China, North America, and across the Pacific Rim. For the past decade, he has focused on investments related to residential property development and digital entertainment. In October 2013, Albert Barbusci acquired 11,250,000 common shares in Blue Zen Memorial Parks, Inc.; over the next few years, he and his partners intend to transform the company into a publicly owned copper mining enterprise.

Before transitioning into real estate and entertainment investment, Albert Barbusci co-founded Events International, Inc., an event management company which facilitated large-scale medical conferences. The company later merged with Grey Healthcare Group, a leading pharmaceutical marketing and advertising firm, to form Phase V Communications. In 2001, he partnered with the Desjardins Group, a cooperative financial group in Canada, to establish Biotonix, an online healthcare company focused on non-invasive assessments in the field of health and fitness.

Outside of his professional interests, Albert Barbusci is passionate about traveling; he particularly enjoys visiting Positano, Italy, and other destinations in Europe and Asia.

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