Capturing Student Voice

Learning can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. Why not allow your students' to describe what they have learned using one of the tools below. It doesn't always have to be pen & paper!

Adobe Voice

Allows students to create simple animated videos to tell their stories, with great stock images, your own photos, and text.

iPad Devices Only

Spreaker & Soundcloud

Spreaker & Soundcloud allows your students to create online and live radio broadcasts. They can host radio shows, add creative sounds, and share their learning to anyone, anywhere.

Android, iOS, or Desktop (both)

Shadow Puppet EDU

Shadow Puppet EDU allows students to combine photos and, video, with narration, music and text, to create learning stories. These can then easily be shared.

iOS Devices


iPad Devices

Educreations is an interactive whiteboard app for your iPad that allows students to annotate their work using the drawing feature and with their voice.