The Pyramids

Mary Fitzpatrick and Katie Reha

"'Where is the treasure?' he asked.
'It's in the Pyramids.'"

"If I had told you, you wouldn't have seen the Pyramids. They're beautiful, aren't they?"

In the The Alchemist, the Pyramids symbolize the ancient and inscrutable.  The Pyramids  are a symbol of finding Santiago's personal legend, and is where he believes his treasure is. The Pyramids are what drive him to go on a journey and achieve his personal legend in the first place. Without wanting to find the treasure in the Pyramids in the first place, Santiago would have never gone a journey. Meeting new people, finding his true love, or realizing his treasure was in his home would have never have happened  if he didn't go on a quest to the Pyramids. Santiago's dream is to travel the world, and while traveling, the Pyramids become one of those places.

The Pyramids today are extravagant and a mystery to all who see them. Starting out, Pyramids were caved in areas of rock and stone, and they eventually were transformed into fabulous monuments that still stand today. They were important to Egyptian culture because they were the final resting places of their pharaohs and important individuals. They represented the advanced technologies of Egyptian people for the era they lived in and today they represent how far they've come.

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