What it REALLY does to you...

Alcoholism Effects

Firstly, the brain is severely damaged by alcohol. Alcohol may affect brain communication, visual brain appearance , and may change mood and behavior, and may make the thinking more difficult.

The heart is also affected by alcohol. It may cause Cardiomyopathy (irregular drooping or stretching). Other conditions or problems such as Arrhythmias affect the heart beat. There is a good chance you will get high blood pressure or have a stroke.

Sleep Effects

  • Alcohol consumption may cause, increase, or magnify sleep problems. It may interfere with duration and sequences.
  • It may alter total sleep time, and time required to fall into slumber.
  • At your usual bedtime, alcohol may make sleep easier to occur, yet an hour before bedtime alcohol will be all digested and soaked in , and may disturb you halfway between your slumber.
  • Alcohol a fourth of a day before bedtime may increase the chance of staying awake and how long.


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