Aldo Salinas

Recent Graduate of California State University, Fresno

About Aldo Salinas

A dedicated student of public affairs even as a teenager, Aldo Salinas undertook coursework in law and policy at California’s Center for Advanced Research and Technology. After graduating from high school, Aldo Salinas attended Willow International Community College in Fresno, California, where he was a regular presence on the dean’s list. In 2011, Aldo Salinas transferred to California State University, Fresno (Fresno State) to pursue his bachelor of arts in political science.

While studying at Fresno State, Aldo Salinas was awarded both a scholarship and an internship from the Maddy Institute, an academic organization that is dedicated to engaging, preparing, and inspiring budding governmental leaders. His internship with the Institute consisted of providing essential administrative help in the office of California State Assembly member Henry T. Perea. In July of 2013, Aldo Salinas accepted an at-home advisor position with Apple, Inc., in Sacramento, California. Aldo Salinas remains active with his alma mater as a member of the Fresno State Alumni Association.

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