Genghis Khan (was a kinda alright leader)

Genghis Khan's reign brought many positive policies into Eurasia, he established a postal system and made his empire adopt a writing system, making many of his citizens literate. Genghis Khan also didn't force his people to adopt a particular religion because mongol religion was based around ancestors and the hearth of a home, created ambassador immunity, and in the process of conquering such a large portion of land he facilitated interaction between east and west Eurasia. He also outlawed harmful practices such as stealing women, stealing cattle, and because the mongols were not scribes their brutalities were recorded by their enemies and could have been exaggerated. My conclusion about Genghis Khan is correct because he treated his own people with respect and increased their well-being through his policies, his foreign policy with his allies was good because he established protections, the size of the realm was also important and his empire was huge.

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