Alexa Largoza-Ania - Tips For Starting Your Own Business

Alexa Largoza-Ania is a business owner who is currently looking to expand her small retail company, but she still remembers just how intimidating it was to actually start the company in the first place. Many businesses fail in their first year due to poor planning and preparation, so she offers the following tips to those who are looking to strike out on their own.

Create a Good Plan

Your business plan needs to be detailed yet succinct, covering every important base in the process. You need to consider issues like your budget and where the money you have needs to be spent in order to generate a suitable return. You will also need to factor in issues like local competition and the demand for your services, in addition to coming up with a good marketing plan.

Get Help

You should never feel like you are in it alone when you are starting your own business, as this will simply lead to you putting increased amounts of pressure on yourself. Instead, take advantage of any advice that you can get, particularly from people who have been through the same process and understand the ins and outs of starting a business.

Know Your Product

It is vital that you understand everything that there is to know about the product that you will be selling, as your customers will expect you to be an expert from the moment that you open your doors. Alexa Largoza-Ania notes that if you don’t have the knowledge to talk in detail about your products, customers will quickly lose trust in you and explore other options.

Alexa Largoza - Ania - Decorating Your Table Spread for Christmas

Alexa Largoza - Ania: Tips to Help Preserve Your Favorite Beach

Alexa Largoza - Ania enjoys visiting the beaches near her home, and knows that it is important to protect and preserve them. To preserve the beauty of the beaches, it takes volunteers and organizations to keep them clean and preserved.
If you want to preserve a certain beach, or you simply care about preserving all beaches, there are a few things you can do the help.

Volunteer Time

You can help preserve your favorite beaches by volunteering your time to help both clean and care for them. Even “small” actions, such as picking up litter, can make a big difference. You can also volunteer to lead a community clean up or preservation event.

Donate Money

There are many groups that help protect and preserve beaches. They need funding and often only get it from donations. If you can make a donation to these organizations, you could be helping them keep your favorite beach safe and clean.

Raise Awareness

Many people don’t realize that beaches need to be protected, cared for and preserved. By raising awareness of the problem, you can get more people interested in helping and get more money and assistance for the organizations that help preserve beaches. You may also get more people interested in directly working to preserve the beaches themselves.

If you love spending time at the beach, you need to make sure you are doing your part to preserve that beach and others. Anyone can help protect and preserve beaches like Alexa Largoza – Ania. She believes that everyone should do their part to preserve and protect them.

Modern Art

Modern art will include artistic works produced during the period extending roughly from been 1860s sixties to the 1970s. Modern art denotes the style and philosophy of the art produced during that era. The term is associated with art in which the traditions of the past have been put aside in the spirit of experimentation. The modern artist often would experiment with the new ways of viewing and interpreting fresh ideas and apply them to the nature of materials and functionality of art.

The beginnings of modern painting can be located earlier at the end of the 19th century. The recognition of Modern Art can be traced all the way back to the Enlightenment period. And even as far back as the 17th-century. The pioneers of modern Art were real lists, romantics, and Impressionists. It was only after World War II that the US became the focal point of new artistic movements. The 1950s and 60s saw the emergence of abstract expressionism, Pop Art, Hard-edge painting, medical abstraction, Post-minimalism, photorealism and various other modern movements.

Alexa Largoza - Ania is an avid admirer of modern art, and you will find her research, curation and dedication to the arts is rooted in her appreciation of dance, music and, of course, modern art. Alexa grew up in suburban Philadelphia, a tony enclave known as The Main Line. Today, Alexa calls Eastern Long Island, the Hamptons, her home. In her spare time, she enjoys several hobbies and expressive ways to display her talent such as baking, Interior design, decorating, dance and Modern Abstract Art.

Alexa Largoza

Alexa Largoza -Ania is also an advocate for adult literacy, she understands that many people do not realized that even in today's society, their are many adults who cannot read. For this reason, she volunteers in community services that focuses on the importance of assisting adults to become literate.

Music Highlight - Jazz and R & B Origins

There's no doubt about the connection between jazz music standards and rhythm and blues. Although the two genres come from very historically unique backgrounds, they are often mentioned in the same breath. The term rhythm and blues has undergone some changes in meaning. Originally it referenced blues records and eventually developed into what became of Rock N' Roll. Eventually, the term R&B referenced musical styles that develop from an incorporated electrical blues background even including gospel and soul music. By the 1970s, R&B could be referenced to soul funk and disco and later developed into contemporary R&B in the 1980s. The 1980s opened doors to several different elements of pop blues solo funk hip-hop and dance.

The relationship between jazz and R&B music goes back to the composers and musicians who often and recorded in popular studios. Much like R&B, jazz originated in African-American communities during the late 19th and early 20th century. It emerged in many parts of the US in the form of independent popular musical styles all linked by the common bond of African American and European American musical composition with the performance orientation. Today's genre is not a simple one to define as jazz makes Great usage of improvisation, polyrhythm, syncopation and the swung note. Jazz is considered to be one of the most multicultural societies and genres and is hailed as one of America’s original art forms.

Alexa Largoza - has always believed that jazz is a genre that is not easily defined. To Alexa, the genre makes great usage of improvisation, polyrhythm, syncopation and the swung note. Jazz is considered to be one of the most influential genre that contributes to today's music. Jazz is hailed as one of America's original art forms.

Picking A Dance School

Traditionally dance is the art of movement of the body usually it name rhythmic sequence of music. The art of dance comes in several different forms and styles. In the sense of dance education, it is important to understand the distinction between theatrical and participatory dance.

A dance career begins with a solid education in the fundamentals of dance. Dance teachers should be fully qualified in offering a positive and artistically enriching environment. A Great dance school aims to meet the needs of each and every student providing a positive and welcoming environment for all ages. The lessons you will learn in dance reach far beyond the studio walls. A great dance school will work to inspire confidence, Creativity and strong work ethics in a positive setting.

An education in dance can lead to several unique opportunities. Must have qualities are an appreciation for the arts that can help you explore all of the opportunities for stage, theater, education, instruction and television.

Often genres of dance can overlap as social dancers can transition to professional or competitive dance. The best way to determine the theatrical representation is to observe the choreography and improvisation and gestures. Theatrical or Choreographed dance can be accompanied by a team effort or also done in a duo or solo routines.

Alexa Largoza- Ania believes through dance, one can learn creativity,

it is through formal dance lessons one can also learn discipline.

Volunteer for Philadelphia Adult Literacy

The vision is to ensure that Philadelphia leads the nation in using technology for large-scale adult work readiness. The idea advocacy is to voice the outreach and accomplishments of the organization. The goal is to ensure access to high-quality education for all adult learners in the Philadelphia area.

Nearly 50% of all Philadelphia adults will struggle with the basic literacy and work skills required for a family-sustaining jobs. In this process, you can help someone discover a love for learning and help them rediscover education along the way. You may even find a newly found compassion for education as well.

You can help build a workforce that grows businesses, sustains neighborhoods and improves the city of Philadelphia by investing your time and talent to help adults achieve educational and professional goals.

There are several roles available if you plan to volunteer or tutor as well as ways to contribute funding and resources. Also, there are several volunteer types of training and local events available but you can contribute to.

Alexa Largoza -Ania is also an advocate for adult literacy, she understands that many people do not realized that even in today's society, their are many adults who cannot read. For this reason, she volunteers in community services that focuses on the importance of assisting adults to become literate.

Alexa Largoza - How to Master the Art of Cake Decorating

Alexa Largoza- Ania is an avid baker and cake decorator. She has always enjoyed baking for her family and friends. If you enjoy to bake and decorate cakes, it is important to let your creativity take the lead. There are only two rules in cake decorating, the end result should be beautiful and delicious.

You do not have to be a professional baker

Choose an easy recipe that you will want to use in decorating a cake. It could be a fondant, marzipan or butter cream recipe. Invest time working with each recipe to see which recipe work best for you. Always use the best ingredients as possible.

Tools of the Trade

If you want professional results, use the correct tools. Professional baking and decorating tools are the key to achieve a detailed clean end product. Practice using each tool so you are familiar in handling each to be able to create that special cake accent. Using the correct tool and combining your creativity can lead to endless possibilities in cake decorating.

You can learn different techniques and tricks of the trade from professional bakers by watching tutorial videos.

Be Creative

Creativity is the main ingredient to cake decorating. First, think of how you want to cake to look. You can even pick a motif and simply work around that. Don't be afraid to experiment with new recipes and new decorating techniques.

The more time you invest in practicing with new recipes and techniques, the more you will add to your skills and knowledge in cake decorating.

Check with your local craft and specialty bake supply stores to see what other tools of the trade are available. This will give you further insight into which decorating tools can further assist you in cake decorating.

Becoming an avid baker and cake decorator like Alexa Largoza- Ania will enable you to create incredible edible masterpieces.

Alexa Largoza - Ania enjoys creating elegant holiday table spreads. She enjoys using natural elements and combining them with her own creativity.

If you want to create something amazing for the holidays, consider some of these tips.

Use What You Have

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your table look great for the holidays. Gather twine, pine cones, branches of evergreen, etc. and arrange them to use as a centerpiece. You may even string together holly leaves and berries to use as napkin rings.

Be creative when using the natural elements you have gathered. It will surely be an ice-breaker and a conversation piece, but above all, it will show your guest the care and time you invested to make that occasion most special.

Less Is Sometimes More

You don’t have to make your table spread large and elaborate to make it beautiful. Remember, less is more. When a table is not cluttered, it gives you more room to display amazing dishes, and gives your guest the comfort of elbow room.

Color Counts

When it comes to making a table spread, color has an important role. People notice colors before actual decorations. Add a punch of color. It will give a welcome festive flare to any occasion.

Alexa Largoza - Ania enjoys making holiday table spreads for all occasions. Whether you are having an intimate dinner party, or a soiree, make sure you pay special attention to detail and function. The perfect setting adds an amazing festive touch to any gathering.

Alexa Largoza - Ania Tips for Dressing for A White Party

Alexa Largoza - Ania enjoys hosting her annual White Party in the Hamptons. It gives everyone the opportunity to rekindle friendships that became dormant in the winter months. White parties are so much fun to dress for, and if you are hosting one or have been invited to one, it is important to know what to wear.


There are several different options for men who are looking for the perfect outfit for a summer white party. One of the best and most popular options a pair of white linen pants or jeans topped with a white linen or silk button down shirt, paired with elegant summer loafers.


Women have a variety of options when it comes to white outfits. It can be a classic white shift or a pair of Capri or wide palazzo pants topped with a flowing summer blouse. The only rule – stay elegant.

In the Hamptons, it is best to be well dressed, but not overly dressed…aka casual chic.

Alexa Largoza - Ania has been hosting the White Party for several years now and looks forward to it each year. The party is considered the kick off to summer, and many people attend each year. If you have been invited to a white party, make sure you know what to wear.

Alexa Largoza-Ania - Tips For Baking Better Cakes

Alexa Largoza-Ania is an experienced baker who loves few things more than getting into the kitchen and exercising her creative spirit. Over the years, she has discovered a few handy tips that have helped her to create even better cakes, some of which she shares below.

Avoid Cold Eggs

You should never use eggs straight out of the refrigerator, as cold eggs are much more difficult to work with when you are creating your cake mixture. Instead, give them a few minutes to warm up to room temperature naturally or, if you are a little less patient, try popping them into a container of warm water for a minute or two to make them easier to work with.

Measure Ingredients Properly

If a recipe tells you that you need to use a cup of flour, make sure that you actually use a cup. Shave off any excess using a knife, leaving a leveled cup instead of a clump of extra flour on the top. Failure to do so will often see your recipe going awry.

Use A Pastry Brush

The best way to batter your pans and get good coverage when it comes to butter is to use a pastry brush. This will allow you to get even coverage, thus ensuring the cake bakes in the way that it is intended.

Center Your Pans

Alexa Largoza-Ania notes that your pans should be positioned as closely to the center of the oven as possible in order to ensure that no side is favored when it comes to the heat that it receives. Better circulation allows for more even baking.

Alexa Largoza-Ania - Ideas For Decorating On A Budget

We can all identify with the feeling of wanting to improve a room in our homes, but many people simply do not have a large enough budget to make sweeping changes. Thankfully, Alexa Largoza-Ania points out that you don’t need a lot of money to add a splash of individuality to a room and she offers the following ideas for decorating on a budget.

A Lick of Paint

Sometimes all that you need to transform a room is a new coat of paint that offers it a new vibrancy. Consider why the colors in the room might not be working for you at the moment, as this will give you a better idea of what you need to do in order to change them for the better.

Get Rid Of Clutter

It is amazing how much clutter can build up in a home over time, no matter how hard you work to keep everything clean and tidy. Take a little time to reassess your room, getting rid of anything that doesn’t need to be there and rearranging existing items of furniture when you have cleared some space, giving the room an entirely new look and feel.

Explore Charity Shops and Flea Markets

In many cases, it can be the simplest of items that can really offer a room some personality. Don’t be afraid to shop in places where you might not expect to find furniture, as these can often be the places where you find something that enchants you without costing a fortune.

Update Pillows

Instead of replacing your sofa and chairs, try purchasing new cushions to give them a new lease on life. Alexa Largoza-Ania notes that it is remarkable how simply replacing the cushions can make the sofa feel brand new again.

When she was younger, Alexa Largoza-Ania had the benefit of working with the great ballet coach Florence Cowanova. During the course of her formal training, she quickly came to understand what she would need to do in order to be successful during ballet auditions, and has the following pointers to share for people who are preparing for their big moment.

Research The Company

Before you start figuring out the routine you will perform, take a little time to research the company that is holding the audition, particularly the shows that they have put on in the past. This should give you a better feel for the artistic direction of the company, allowing you to choose a routine that is more likely to impress the judges when you are on stage.

Don’t Make Short Term Body Changes

It is a simple fact that the way you look is going to play a part in whether or not your audition is successful. Remember that it takes dedication to be a good ballet dancer, and this is relevant to your body as well as your technical skills. Don’t starve yourself in the days leading up to the audition, as this will affect your performance. Instead, ensure you maintain a balanced fitness regime that leaves you feeling healthy and energized.

Don’t Worry About The Competition

Stress is a big factor when auditioning for a role in a ballet, but Alexa Largoza-Ania points out that it is important to remember that everybody is in the exact same position that you are. As such, if you spend too much time worrying about the other people auditioning, you will simply stress yourself out and make it much harder to focus on your own routine.

Alexa Largoza-Ania - Tips For Ballet Audition Success