Alexander Morisse

Mathematician and Software Designer

About Alexander Morisse

An experienced mathematician possessing a broad background of training and expertise, Dr. Alexander Morisse has traveled extensively for speaking engagements coordinated by a diverse variety of institutions and organizations around the world. Over the last decade alone, he has lectured at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, University of Amsterdam, TASI institute in Boulder Colorado, the Black Holes Summer Institute in Croatia, and the University of British Columbia’s PIMS: Summer School on Strings, Gravity, and Cosmology, to name a few. Furthermore, Dr. Alexander Morisse has served as a visiting scholar at respected institutions such as Princeton, Berkeley, and Harvard while also speaking in some of the largest and most vibrant cities in the world, such as Paris, Amsterdam, and Vancouver.

Dr. Alexander Morisse serves on the advisory board for Invest Again in Washington, DC, an organization dedicated to advancing knowledge in science and technology, as well as machine learning advisor to the Redwood City-based, a state of the art distributed machine learning platform. He is currently lead data scientist for Beats Music in San Francisco, where he designed and implemented their context aware music recommendation system.

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